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If you miss a dosetake it as soon as you rememberIf it is near the time of the next doseskip themissed dose and resume your usual dosing scheduleDo not double the dose to catch up.

Use this medication regularly to get the most benefit from itTo help you remembertake it at the same times each day.

Signs of an allergic reactionlike rashhivesitchingredswollenblisteredor peeling skin with or without feverwheezingtightness in the chest or throattrouble breathingswallowingor talkingunusual hoarsenessor swelling of the mouthfacelipstongueor throatVery bad dizziness or passing outChest pain that is new or worseA heartbeat that does not feel normalMood changesShortness of breatha big weight gainor swelling in the arms or legsMuscle pain or crampingShakinessVery bad belly painVery hard stoolsconstipationBlacktarryor bloody stoolsThrowing up blood or throw up that looks like coffee grounds.

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