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World Series 2016: Joe Maddon says Michael Scott from ‘The Office’ is biggest influencer

Chicago Cubs managerJoe Maddon is one of the most laid-back managers in all of baseball. Even before Friday’s Game 3 of the World Series he wascracking jokes with reporters.When asked about whohas been the biggest influenceon hismanagement style, Maddon responded with the greatestregionalmanager in the history of TV.»Michael Scott, probably the biggest influence,» Maddon said. «That’ https://www.padresedges.com/san-diego-padres/brad-hand-jersey s ‘The Office’ for those that don’t watch TV.»MORE: Key things to watch in Game 3You can now attributeMaddon’s name under Scott’s and WayneGretzky’s for the famous quote, «You mi s 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.»In case you were wondering what Maddon’sreal response to the question was, here it is:»I often talk about Gene Mauch as a young coach coming up, watching him, and how Rickey Henderson Jersey he used to explain things,» Maddon said. «He just was loaded with common sense. He would reduce things to the point where it’s so obvious but you didn’t think about it then. Then he would present it to you and it would become even more obvious.»Organizationally, Larry Himes had a lot to do with me organizing my day. As a scout, Larry used to test me constantly. He taught me how to scout and evaluate players. Also, Marcel Lachemann was involved in that, too. Bob Clear’s the best coach I’ve ever been around.»He’s no longer with us, Bobbalou taught me so many different things regarding coaching the game of baseball. And then beyond that, I think you take bits and pieces away from all the guys that you had, but there’s a lot of guys you had that you thought did poorly, and you take a lot from them, also, because you never want Chase Headley Jersey to be that way.»